LEGACY - BB / Lite

L E G A C Y - B B / Lite

As its eldest sister LEGACY-BB, LEGACY-BB/Lite has been crafted for Tudor Black Bay Heritage, although is highly recommended for any vintage (e.g. Rolex 5513, 'Big Crown' 6538, etc.) and for diver watches. Using distressed dark brownish grey leather (limited availability), and applying exclusive aging process on the edges, has minimalist stitching for being 'Lite'.

LEGACY-BB/Lite is made for deployant clasp and also for tang buckle, about 4,5mm thick near the case and 3mm in buckle end, being firm and comfortable to wear.

Note: For BB sterile deployant clasp (as shown in pictures), 22/18mm width is mandatory, although the strap is suitable for any width and size for using other clasps and/or buckles.

'L E G A C Y - B B / Lite'
Item: LG-BB/LT_01

78 euros 

108 euros 
(Strap + Sterile BB clasp 18mm)

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