4L'MENTS US·H series

US-H01 / NFL Burgundy red

US-H02 / Glace dark brown

Example of the leather used in the US-H series straps

Example of US-H02 : Glace dark brown with white thread stitching and brushed stainless steel hardware

and a short video fitting the strap on my wrist...

To know more about the 4L'MENTS strap collection, specifications and VIDEOS about the entire collection, about how to adjust, resize the strap, how to fit it on the watch and in the wrist and to check in detail the different leather textures, please visit the main 4L'MENTS page clicking on the following banner...

H O W   T O   O R D E R

You can place your order choosing the different drop down menus below, selecting:

- Strap reference (US-H01 / US-H02)
- Wrist Size
- Strap Width (22mm / 20mm)
- Hardware material (Brushed SS / Polished SS / PVD black / Bronze / Rose Gold)
- Thread color (you can choose from standard colors included in the options or click on 'Other...' and write the desired thread color in 'Comments')

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'U S - H   S e r i e s'
49 EUR
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US-H STRAPS (Options)