A B O U T · U S

Since 1958, from family leather crafters in Barcelona (SPAIN), the 2nd generation decided to create 100% handmade watch straps with a special predilection for classical and vintage designs (without any agreement nor represent any brand). DidymoStrapS was established on August 2011...

Due to each strap we create is unique, each has our distinctive design and craftsmanship, handcrafted in the entire process from the finest leathers available in the most important factories in Spain, Italy, Turkey and USA or, in case of exotic leathers (crocodrile, ostrich, stingray...), specifically purchased from exclusive dealers around the world.

Each strap is fully customizable:

· LENGTH, usually from 115-70mm to 145-90mm
· LUG WIDTH and BUCKLE SIZE, from 16mm to 27mm
· THICKNESS, from 3mm to 6mm
· Number of buckle HOLES
· Diameter of buckle HOLES
· EDGE colour finishes
· SADDLE colour

H O W   T O   O R D E R

You can place an order in the website by choosing the different drop down menus below each item and clicking the Paypal button 'BUY NOW'. 
Also you can send an email to didymoStrapS including the following info:

  • SIZE: Requested strap length/lug width/strap thickness (ex: 120/80 - 26/26 - 4 mm)
*The size is personalized under demand without any limitation. If in doubt, didymoStrapS will provide the correct size from your wrist and for the watch.
  • OTHER CUSTOM WISHES: You can customize the number or buckle holes, color of stitching thread and other details that you consider.
  • SHIPPING DETAILS (delivery address).
  • PAYMENT METHOD (PayPal or others).

We will confirm the order by email and once payment is received, we will start the strap/s for shipping as soon as possible.


6 EUR will be included to any order during check out process, SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, using Correos for courier with tracking number service* available.
Insurance and shipping via express services (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.) are available on demand at extra cost (please email to didymoStrapS.)
*shipping will be under customer risk


P A Y M E N T   M E T H O D S

We will manage the order once the payment has been received.
If you wish another payment method, email to didymoStrapS.

W A R R A N T Y    A N D    R E T U R N  P O L I C Y

Our priority is your satisfaction, if you have any problems with your strap(s), please email to didymoStrapS.